• Penta welcomes you to a World of Tradition with a choice of exquisite fancy diamonds of eternal beauty and quality.

      Penta offers its worldwide customers first class certified diamonds from the most reliable sources, cut and polished into wonderful fancy shapes which have won our unmatched reputation for quality and reliability.
      Unforgettable designs of exceptional quality
      The timeless beauty of each stone in our collection is an expression of the professional experience of three generations in the field.
      We bring our customers the uncompromising value of traditional cutting and polishing providing an unmatched variety for the most prestigious jewelry designs.

      Top in its class
      Penta founders have over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the production, manufacturing and marketing of diamonds.
      Penta's fancy diamonds are the product of Master Cutters, unraveling the exceptional quality of the rough - polishing them into magnificent fancy shape diamonds.
      Our rough diamonds are acquired from first-hand sources. We strictly adhere to the United Nations guidelines and all our rough diamonds are sourced through legitimate channels.

      Uncompromising professionalism
      We value our customers and strive continuously to provide them with luxurious products of timeless beauty and eternal value.
      Hand in hand with our production capabilities we provide immediate and personal response to our customers in all international markets.
      Our policy is based on high standards and professionalism - to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction.

      Penta - A World of Tradition … A Spark of Innovation